by peter depp

to know me is to understand me.

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Peter Depp

Results-driven, dedicated, and highly accomplished leader with 12 years of experience working directly with team members to drive outstanding results. Formulating strategic goals by coaching through positive reinforcement and using my sense of humor to promote an environment that fosters highly motivated employees. I'm currently enrolled in Watkins College of Art to earn my B.F.A in Graphic Design with a focus on UX Design. I am passionate about creating the future in technology for human interaction. I am detail oriented with a desire for building intuitive interfaces. My strengths include communication, time management, eliminating workflow redundancies, streamlining processes, and project management. I enjoy creating and maintaining a positive team atmosphere. I love walking into work each day with a smile and a positive attitude. My coworkers describe me as, "Hands on but not in a micromanagement way." I view the workplace as an important place to learn, teach, and grow. I enjoy learning from my team as much as I enjoy helping my team to learn. I am very team focused and always approach a task from a teamwork perspective.