by peter depp

to know me is to understand me.

graphic section

Peter Depp

Who am I? I don’t know. Actually, I don’t think I really ever knew myself. Every time I reach into the abyss to find clues of who I am, it changes. On the surface, I believe myself to be a comic entity that enjoys making others laugh, but I also find that to be a skillfully honed craft that underneath is designed as a coping mechanism to deflect from the reality of my true self. At the core I guess I am a nihilist believing that nothing truly happens for a reason and everything is meaningless. In other news , I am a human being from planet earth to be absolutely general and maintain the surface. Also I am a father of other human beings that serve as full contributors to the breakdown of this society. I eat, I drink, I drug. I am also a vegan that eats butter and wears leather goods but only if they’re designer. I am nothing but Peter Depp.